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Alliances in Quest

Game 20

The Blood Base (144)

The Blood Base 144 is the largest and most active Quest Unlimited Game 20 Alliance. With HQ's in 4 Cities, 10 Players and over 20 Groups so far.

As an incentive to joining our friendly Alliance we're offering 500,000 gold to fund your initial recruiting of 15 decent 2002 gold characters as well as Arabians and Draft Horses for them all. With plenty left over for basic kit like Backpacks, Mirrors, Lockpicks, Torches, Priest Books, Mage Books, Mage Powders, etc.

On top of this you'll have access to our cache of spare equipment. Helmets will be at least +5. Weapons, Armour and Shields will be +7, +8 or even Godly +9. This will make a major difference to the damage you can dish out and take right from Day 1.

Combined with advice on effective Group building and development you'll be slaying hordes of monsters in no time at all.

We will help you become a force to be reckoned with. Whose very battle-cry will bring the most powerful foes to their knees.

All are welcome here.

Please contact Mike Grant ( )

Game 31

Questors Guild (101)

Our friendly Elkhart (10) Alliance has been formed for those dedicated to the adventurous way of life. We will help you on the long journey from your first Goblin kill to your eventual dungeon clearance. Hard-won knowledge, power, equipment and gold will all be at your fingertips.

So if you're interested in joining us, please contact Mike Grant ()

Game 33

The Adventure Guiid (119)

The Adventure Guild has been formed as a resting place for those dedicated to this wandering lifestyle. A place where you can freely discuss dungeoneering and monster slaying with those who also undertake such perilous endeavours. From your first goblin kill and message delivery to your eventual
dungeon clearing and Titan slaying. This is the place to relax and call home...

Ceit Na Sitheach
Nam Damhan-Allaidh (1500)
Adventure Guild (119) in Thorap Castle (19)

Please contact Mike Grant ()

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