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Other Fantasy RPG Games

  • Battle Knight
    A nice and simple online rpg, where you run your lone knight in duels, missions and jousts. You can play for free, but will find it easier if you do buy rubies with real world money. It's very simple to play, with a very limited rulebook and guide, but quite addictive and enjoyable for what it is.

  • Astro Wars
    An old space empire game and FREE to play. Expand from your planet to colonise new worlds, conquer rivals, join alliances, increase your peoples level of technology, science and culture to progress. A game based on real time, that is very addictive, simple numbers based game but very captivating, the first game in some time that has had me getting up in the early hours of the morning to check on my progress and enter orders for the next step. Playing against, or with, hundreds of other players from across the world. Once the game is won, which takes more than a few months, the game is reset and starts over. More strategy then sim.
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