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The Pheonix Space GamePhoenix

Phoenix is unarguably the most sophisticated play-by-email game ever written. Sign up now!

Phoenix is a science fiction game on an awesome scale, combining the best of roleplaying and strategy in an ever-expanding universe.

With human moderators on hand, any action is possible. There are myriad plotlines to be explored and secrets to discover. The game is under constant development, with new options added almost weekly.

You can strike out on your own, and live by your wits in a hostile universe. Or you can join with like-minded players in a player-run faction, and build a civilisation amongst the stars. The choice is yours.

A thousand roles are possible. Will you be a simple trader, peddling goods from planet to planet? Or a fearless explorer, risking unknown worlds in search of incredible things? Or maybe you will be a warrior, and your warships will turn worlds into dust.

In the world of Phoenix, actions have real consequences. You can champion law and order, or grow rich from pirate raids. You can build an empire, or bring one down in flames. You decide your destiny .... although your enemies may have other plans.

Starship positions are free to run, and you can sign up today.

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Extra Time Online Manager

ETO Manager is an online football manager game, in which you compete against other managers from around the world to become the best. Starting from the bottom leading your team to the top of the premiership or taking job opportunities at other clubs on the way.

The game is true to the english league, 4 divisions with 20 in the top and 24 in the others. There is a champion cup and a association cup, promotions, ebay style transfer market. Players take on the role of a manager and accumulate manager points through doing well. When they have sufficient manager points they can choose an available team from a higher league. Alternatively, they can take their team to the top of the league and see to its promotion.

You can play a friendly against another team each day you do not have a league match.

There is quite a bit more to it.

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It's A Crime

Its a Crime GameNew York in the 21st century is a city on the edge of collapse. The mobs are about to take control. To survive you have to become the leader of the meanest, toughest, gang ever.

Away from the main streets and boulevards, in the narrow alleys and derelict tenements the street gangs have taken control. Illegal weapons and incendiary bombs are the tools of their trade as they fight each other and the woefully undermanned New York Police Department.

The Gangs are winning!
Protection rackets, drug pushing, muggings and robbery are common place, even the mob are taking an interest in Gang activities.

Do you have what it takes to survive?
As a player you are the leader of a small street gang. Your gang consists of approximately 20 members. A few will be street wise pro's, the backbone of your gang. The other members are punks or 'cruits, the kids recently initiated. Your gang's turf consists of a single city block.

Your task is to become the meanest, biggest, toughest gang in the city. Eventually you may even join organised crime and compete to become Godfather of the city - before someone else does.

With over 100 other gangs competing, this will not be easy.

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Extra Time Chairman EditionExtra Time

Extra Time is a great game system played through either mail or email, but how does it work?

  1. When you join a league you will receive a printout of your starting position.
  2. You then (e)mail us instructions on the Turncard provided, telling us what you wish to do.
  3. We then (e)mail back the next printout showing your new position, from which you send your next set of instructions.
  4. A fee is charged for each printout.
  5. You can play for as long as you like, and can stop at any time.

Extra Time League System

Many different Leagues are run, each of which has four divisions; the Premiership and Divisions one, two and three. In each division there are twenty one teams. All teams start a league as equals, with a squad of players of roughly the same skill. For instance, with managers of equal ability, Leicester City would be just as likely to win the Premiership as Manchester United.

Your club will play every other team in your division home and away once per season, two matches per turn. That is forty league matches spread over twenty turns. You will also enter two cup competitions. You gain two points for a win and one point for a draw. You only get two points for a win rather than the three you would expect to keep the divisions close and exciting!

At the season's conclusion!

At the end of the season, the top three teams from divisions one, two and three will be promoted and the bottom three from the premiership and divisions one and two will be relegated. Free turns are provided for all league and cup winners with additional prizes awarded during the season for each division's manager of the month. Also, at the end of each season, every manager will receive a certificate showing their final league position

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Extra Time Chairman Edition

Extra Time with attitude!

It is not just about scoring goals. Chairman Edition uses the Extra Time Core Rules but with these exciting added features.

  1. Complete control of all club finances, including ticket prices, match day programme's, refreshments, merchandise and even replica Kit prices!
  2. Improve your stadium to increase attendances. Make those important decisions that only a chairman can.
  3. Hire and fire back room staff such as Coaches and Physios
  4. Free friendly match every turn.
  5. 10 free club orders every turn.
  6. Full reserve squad who play in two matches every turn.

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Warlord GameThe Global Holocaust surprised no one. The meek inherited what was left, but didn't live long enough to appreciate it... leaving you to recreate the planet in your own image. But you're not the only megalomaniac around...

Five centuries ago Dexet was devastated by a global holocaust. It's about to happen again! Warlord is a game that uses 20th Century weaponry and a whole world to conquer or DESTROY.

Huge bunkers had been prepared to sustain life for the long centuries of nuclear winter and when the bombs started falling, the strong, the ruthless and the powerful took refuge.

Surface radiation has now dropped to 'acceptable' levels. It is time to reclaim the surface of the world.

Technological data has been scrambled by background radiation but rapid expansion will provide the resources needed to rediscover the lost knowledge.

Other bunkers have survived too but with a little persuasion you can probably come to some sort of agreement.

It's lucky you have all those tanks and aircraft in storage!

Warlord is a multi player wargame.

Powerful order formats and command structures enable you to control the resources of a growing military empire.

Warlord has many unique features. The maps generated each turn, often covering hundreds if not thousands of locations, take the hard work out of record keeping and make even the largest of empires easy to control.

Warlord is suited to people that like detailed wargames and tactical board games.

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Monster IslandMonster Island

You're washed upon the beach of a beautiful tropical island. Or is it? When your travel guide fails to turn up you soon realise this is a one way ticket. But don't hang around - you're being watched.

You think your troubles are over when you're washing ashore. Oh no! With your favourite sword lost beneath the ocean waves and a 12 foot Octopaw staring at you with a craving for your eyeballs as hors d'oeuvres, they've only just started. Welcome to Monster Island!

Your name is Spearbuster. You're a Furrcat (did you ever see a furry elf warrior?) about to embark on the biggest adventure of your life.

  • Seven different Monster Races to choose from.
  • Make your own weapons and armour.
  • Hundreds of unique treasure items.
  • Laser printed terrain map each turn.
  • Magic and Voodoo.
  • Cave delving and graveyard looting.
  • Trading posts, far inns and NPC races.

Nowhere else can you find a game with beautiful laser printed maps, same day turn around, information packed results and a huge world ready for 15,000 players! Designed with intelligence, realism and ease of play, Monster Island will hold the attention of both expert and novice players.

The trip of a lifetime to a gorgeous tropical paradise.

Unspoilt beaches, miles of free real estate, warm tropical breezes, geysers and swamps, lush vegetation and poisonous plants, exotic wildlife including some of the deadliest (and ugliest) creatures you ever saw, crystal mountains and religious weirdos.

(One way travel only. Offer does not include food, lodging, insurance, rental car, and other associated sundries. Not affiliated to Club 18-30 or ABTA. Travel guide and haversuit supplied.

Please note: although Monster Island is roughly three times the size of Australia, all comparisons are purely coincidental and in no way are we implying that Australia is a small and insignificant place with exotic plants and religious nutters.)

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Space Troopers

Free to play!

As a player you control squadrons assigned to Omega Quadrant on the planet Sarin IV. You work for a mega-corporation of your choice. Your corporation must pay for you so it is up to you to earn your pay. Failure to do so will result in the transfer of your squadron from Sarin IV and the loss of all the perks this brings. You will be given a choice of missions to carry out although you need not undertake any. Each mission will reward you with a varying amount of sponsorship credit and stellar cash. Credit gives you access to new skills while stellars allow the purchase of new equipment for your squadron.

The role of space trooper squadrons is paramount to the continued success of the mega-corporation. It falls to them to actively guard corporate assets out in the field as well as put an end to alien incursions and rival operations. It is not all fighting though. Sometimes rescue missions are needed or officials need to be escorted to secret locations. Scouting patrols are common.


After many years of hostility, the great empires and countries of the Earth were finally conquered. Not by one nation, not even by an alien invasion force, but by the Mega-corporations. As each of these corporations had holdings spanning the entire globe, the threat of a nuclear holocaust became obsolete. Still hostilities between the various rivals remained as fierce as ever and skirmishes costing thousands of lives continued much as it had done under the rule of nations. With time humanity voyaged to the stars, fed on a desire to plunder new mineral resources and expand operations. Huge lumbering interstellar vessels were deployed to distant stars to chart new planets, discover strange life forms and minerals and invariably exploit the lot.

Sarin IV - Hercules Quadrant

This is a huge world on the very edge of humanity's explorations. It is significant for two reasons. It is the only known source of a mineral that can be used in interstellar drives. Unimaginatively it was termed Sarinite. This world was also the first time humanity had come into contact with aliens of a similar technological level as themselves.

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Quest Unlimited

Unlimited Quest ... with turns returning by email in a matter of minutes!

Quest Unlimited is an email fighting fantasy game. As a player you control a party of adventurers, seeking glory, gold, magic and experience. Unlike the original Quest game, you can only receive your turn results via email but at a very fast pace (every few minutes). Quest unlimited is 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

If you are completely new to this style of gaming, it is best to join the Demo game. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined in Getting Started (if your computer does not support pop-up windows, go to Free Demo Game link). Within a few turns you should be visiting the wilderness around the city you start in, bashing monsters and getting a feel for the game.

If it all goes pear-shaped for your first party, simply drop your starting party and start again, and again. Once you have run your demo party for twenty turns and feel that there is still more adventure to be had, you can transfer it to the full online version of the game.

  • No deadlines!
  • Play Quest 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Internal message system - Send messages of congratulations to parties that beat you up in the Arena!
  • Party safely removed from the map should you fall asleep for an hour or more!
  • Start anew, or transfer in your demo party!

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