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Quest is a game with a wide scope, and it can take a long time to learn all the options available to you. This page is a place for the more experienced Quest players to share their best advice for beginners and others.

Recruit your characters first.

There are a good few reasons to recruit your party up to the maximum fifteen characters early. When you complete in-game quests you more frequently receive the reward per character. Experience is gained for all your party from day one too, it's hard for newer characters to catch up with seasoned veterans in an established party. When monster bashing a larger party finds it easier.

But by the far the most important reason, is that the most precious thing you have in Quest is your orders; you are limited to those precious fifteen orders per turn. And the power of B 99 orders, or B 95-98 as appropriate should not be underestimated, and can save literally thousands of orders later on.

The more you offer the better the candidates that come forward.

The Widdershin (1208)

Loads in Dungeons

If you find yourself with a high load percentage in a dungeon do the following orders:

New Money Distribution <character>
Give Gold <character> 0 <amount of gold>

N 1
G 1 0 50000

These orders gives all your gold to one character who then bags it up and drops it on the floor. To retrieve your gold all you have to do is an Investigate 0 (I 0) order in the correct room (and I 474 to open the bag again).

Fist of Funk, Monk (1085)

NB. I think [G 99 0 Amount] will deposit a a single bag of gold too. Remember N 0 after you investigate the bags (I 474), else one character will be carrying all that gold.

Low load = good fighting prospects.

a low load = good fighting prospects. With a high load and you'll struggle to even get into battle. Gold weighs the most. To reduce this load either buy a backpack (30-50% reduction) or buy a Draft horse (100% reduction). Also avoid heavy armour (plate & chain) until your toughness is sufficiently high - over 150 certainly.

Delgroth 1/2 Dozen

Hidden Shops.

Magic Powder and Map shops are often hidden in settlements so you'll need to Investigate before you can use them.

Character Recruiting.

If you offer 202 gold for new recruits then 3 characters will always be offered. 1 of the Class and Race you asked for and 2 totally random ones.

Nam Damhan-Allaidh (1500)

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