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New short story: Assault on the Demon Wood, by S. Michael Pitt

The initial reason for the World of Quest website, was to host the Group Statistics, and a second idea swiftly followed for a searchable rulebook.

World of Quest is a player run website for the fantasy role-playing, play-by-email, game of Quest run by KJC Games.

Started in 1991 and continually developed Quest remains one of the most challenging and no doubt addictive fantasy roleplaying games available.

Quest is more a game of strategy and long term goals, it utilises more of your imagination than fast graphics, and requires more of your brain than your fingers.

My own group is the Widdershin, in Game 31. A long time ago, I had several groups in Game 2 and 4. More recently I have played Tribal Tendencies in the fast turn-around version of Quest Online ... but turns back in mere minutes is not conducive to getting much real-life work done.

I would welcome suggestions for further development of the World of Quest site. Also too, any recommendations for live alliances, other Quest resources, etc. Contact me with anything Quest related.

World of Quest - The most addictive fantasy rpg ive played
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