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Special Monsters & Npcs - Monsters

Besides the four main 'civilised' races, Human, Halfblood, Elf and Dwarf, the other creatures very rarely enter any of the settlements as magical and divine wards keep the majority of monsters out.

A lot of monsters have only minor or animal intelligence, leaving only a few very intelligent creatures for settlement inhabitants to worry about. This is the major reason that Goblinoid war bands, for example, have not overrun the settlements. Goblins nearly always lack co-ordination and tend to be very basic in their military planning. Luckily the more intelligent creatures tend not to work well in groups, and thus their numbers are kept to a manageable level.

Despite the menace of monster attacks, the civilised races still fight amongst themselves, although in times of desperate need they are likely to band together to fight their mutual enemies.

Monsters may attack a settlement or another target in vast numbers, but they will normally break up shortly after this and thus be small enough in size for adventuring parties to take on. The reports of settlement troops fighting monsters usually involves these kind of large numbers, not the normal monster group sizes that parties fight.



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