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Blurbs - Monster Blurbs

With regards to Monster Blurbs the following code system is used. It is possible that each individual monster could vary. The following are not all the stats that monsters have, but these are the main points of interest.

The abbreviations for the special characteristics are:

A = Acid
C = Charm
E = Engulf
F = Fear
L = Plant
M = Magic Attack
N = Not hit by non-magical weapons
O = Poison
P = Petrify
R = Regeneration
S = Sleep
U = Undead
Y = Paralysis

These are things that the monsters have/can do; Fear means they can cause their opponent to run away, not that they are immune to Fear.

RatingsArmourDamageHit Skill
24-10+1 Dagger6-45%
311-24+3 Long Sword46-65%
425-39+5 Great Axe66-85%
540-59+8 War Flail86-95%
RatingsHealthSpeedMagic Resistance
11-29Very slow0-5%
4101-150Above average66-85%

For Example: DRACILISK

This frightening creature is believed to be the results of a mating between a Dragon and a Basilisk. The creature retains most of the appearance of the Basilisk side of its origin; the main differences are that it is slightly bigger in size than a Basilisk and that the creature has also inherited the wings of a Dragon. Being of hardier stock than a normal Basilisk it can be a very difficult creature to face when you take into account its paralysing stare and its ability to engulf a person whole, something definitely that only the strong and fearless should fight.

AR=5, D=5, HS=4, HE=5, SP=3, MR=4, S=E+F+P



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