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Chat List

Some of the 'monsters' controlled by the computer are characters or people that travel from town to town or can be found in shops. You can attack them if you wish but if you approach them in a calm, reasonable manner they will often be happy to talk to you. Some will have special information that could be very valuable.

Each party can have up to twenty words on a 'Chat List'. Whenever you meet a character your Chat List is compared with what they know and if any words match, they will tell you something about that subject.

You may add four words to your chat list each turn. A 'word' can consist of up to twenty letters including spaces but not punctuation. Just write the words you wish to add in the space provided at the bottom of your Turncard. If this brings the total on your list to more than twenty words, the oldest one will be deleted. To remove a specific word, write the number of the word in your Chat list. E.g. to remove the sixth word, you would write 6.

In general, the only words that should be used are names of one kind or another. Recommended words to begin with are the names of gods, towns, dungeons, and monster classes. To start you off, a few names have already been added to your chat list.

Shopkeepers are also friendly and often know something about the surrounding countryside. As they are busy, to get them to chat you need to issue the TALK order.


T (shop)

For example: T 22 has you talk with the owner of shop 22 and any customers.



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