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My Professor in Sorcery

It is a medieval age and the people in the town here at Dardana seem to be very busy, until we heard the noisy sounds of drums and trumpets. All the people went outside to watch the three persons walking in the street without slippers with a group of bands that surrounds them while playing strange music.

"Is there a parade?” I asked the young lady beside me.

"No, there's no parade, that's the King Leon's armies. Maybe they will burn another witch again.” She replied in a direct way.

After knowing, I felt sad. Because for me, vampires should be burned and not the witches. They should know that witches are not all bad. They only live for the environments' protection. In fact, though they are Pagans (wiccan) they are more religious than ordinary human, unlike the bloody vampires who suck people and animals' neck for food.

I'm afraid to do this, but I should save the accused people. I forgot, I haven't tell you my name. I am Seraphin and I'm practicing alchemy right now because I'm also searching for the philosophers' stone. For a reason that I want to live for a long life and to destroy my enemies, the "vampires".

"I hate vampires! They killed my Professor in sorcery. They should be punished for that."

One of the accused witches was a little girl. They tied them into the stakes and she was so scared. I can't feel any chakras that can prove that they were witches. Therefore, they will burn innocent people.

"Mother, help me! Help me! I'm scared!” She shouted out loud while crying.

Poor little girl, I think burning time was wrong ... I said silently.

I hid at the dark place of the town and transformed myself into a big burning phoenix. It absolutely scared all people there. They all ran and some attacked me.

"Useless arrows and swords, I am powerful, It didn't hurt."

I saved and brought them into a country where no one knows them. They thanked me. However, the little girl is still crying, so I tried to comfort her.

Hey, you're now safe. You should stop crying ... I said.

I want to go home. She said softly.

"You should stay here, your mother does not love you anymore because she allowed them to burn you in the crowd." I replied.

She only cried out loud after hearing those words from me. This little girl reminds me about my past, when I was at the age of seven and a little girl like her. I am left by my mother at the orphanage and a woman wearing a long white dress adopted me.

She's now my new mother. However, I've realized that she is a witch and she wants me to be like her, that's why she first inspires me about her sayings.

"Air is my breath, water is my blood, earth is my body, and fire is my spirit." She often told me about those elements that makes her divine.

She even added that those who practice black magic are afraid of life. Therefore, there's no reason to teach me the black power, instead be like her, a white witch who is pure of love. Those inspiring words inspired me throughout these years.

"Practicing magic is just like playing games, I guess ... "

My dear Professor many times scolded me for not concentrating seriously, but she said that I am a fast learner. In fact, I am good at memorizing; I can memorize thousands of spells for two days. When I was 13 years old, I considered myself as an amateur in using magic but my Professor said that I am still an apprentice.

My Professor doesn't want to be called as a mother. She said that I should call her "Professor" because I am her student. I wonder why she adopted me though she can marry a man and give birth for a child who had her own blood.

"She's now a 50 years old lady but still looks pretty ... "

While playing piano I asked her about that. She said that there's no reason to find another man in her life. The man that she loved was already killed, many years ago. She became silent when she remembers something.

"Who killed her first love?" I don't know because she doesn't tell me the whole story. This makes me curious ...

Many months were past, my Professor and I went at Veriz, and there she showed me her big haunted house. There are lots of books, amulets, and potions kept inside the secret stone room. By means of her two loud claps, the house changed into a big beautiful wood mansion.

We always stroll all over the place and I enjoyed it. She often introduced me to people that we met as her daughter and I'm happy for that. She bought all I want. She said that if I get older, she wants to see me in the altar and marrying a man who loves me so much.

"Hmm ... I truly love my Professor in sorcery, I wish that she is my real mother and I'm her daughter."

© Lizelle Tabaquero 2009


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