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Alliance Faqs - A Party Has Recently Arrived On An Island Or At A Settlement, Can We Claim It For The Organisation We Work With Or For Ourselves?

Please keep in mind that the history of the civilised races stretches back 3000 years. As you can imagine, the areas around the game worlds have been, at the least, roughly explored. If there is a settlement nearby then you cannot just simply claim it.

Also keep in mind that all the Alliances initially work for the Organisation, not the other way around. Once Rank 3+ is reached, then an Alliance may be able to make announcements and lay claim to things in the name of an Organisation, because they may be able to call on a contingent of troops to back them up, but even then they should get the rest of the Organisations opinion first.

If you want to know who claims a settlement, check the settlement blurb. Do not assume that just because a settlement is some distance from any others, it is there for the taking. Remember that even a village could take an Alliance on and probably win, not that the mechanics of the game let you do this anyway, which is another hint that it cannot be done.

What an Alliance can do is build up their status with its Organisation and suggest things to them, and in the long term, actually claim areas, etc.



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