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Organisataions - Organisataion Relations

It can be hard to work out the relationships of the various Organisations due to many events characters are likely not aware of, but the following pro ..
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The following Organisations are separated in to settlements then Guilds and finally Gods (Temples). An Organisation consists mostly of likeminded peop ..
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Organisations - Guilds

It has often been debated that the various God Temples are also Guilds, but there will be more information on the Gods in the next section. There are ..
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Organisations - Guilds - Bankers & Merchants Guild

No one God is held in high regard by the Bankers & Merchants Guild; they are all worshipped so as to not offend any of them, although many point o ..
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Organisations - Guilds - Magic Cyrcle

Practitioners of magic, although not common, are also not that rare. Just about everyone in the world will have been in a situation where magic has be ..
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Organisations - Guilds - Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild by and large holds Novala in the highest regard, but they also generally try to keep religion out of the mainstream of their politic ..
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Organisations - Motivations & Personalities

The most important consideration when dealing with any Organisation is to remember that everyone in that Organisation, be they a PC or NPC, has their ..
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Organisations - Organisation Politics

Politics envisions different ideas to different people, like most things in life, so some players may consider it important to define what is meant b ..
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Organisations - Philosophies

Instead of just worshipping one of the eight Gods, it is possible to follow a Philosophy. The four philosophies are Good, War, Evil and Peace. You can ..
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Organisations - Settlement-states & Settlements

The civilised areas of the world are ruled by the cities, which have generally been involved in power struggles with other cities since their origin. ..
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Organisations - Settlements

Most settlements are extremely well defended and their citizens are able to use a wide range of techniques to protect their homes. Especially in the b ..
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Organisations - Standardised Organisation Special Actions

The following SAs are only guidelines of the type of actions that are suitable for each Organisation. It is entirely possible for a Thieves Guild Alli ..
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Organisations - Standardised Organisation Special Actions 2

MAGIC CYRCLE RANK 2 MAGICAL EVENTS ENQUIRY An Alliance can ask its liaison to find out details about magical events around the world. Any informatio ..
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