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Moderation - Alliances & Organisation Liaison

In addition to the information given in the main section 'Liaisons', the following is information specifically applicable to Alliances. A liaison wil ..
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Moderation - Liaisons

The following is general information about liaisons, and applies to both independent parties and Alliances. There are two types of liaison, Organisati ..
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Moderation - Moderation & Time

It is important to realise and remember that the moderated worlds have events that take place all the time, and the repercussions of these events can ..
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Moderation - Moderation Information

Information is the most important aspect of the game Quest: GME. Without knowledge of a situation it is very hard to have a major impact on the situat ..
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Moderation - Moderation Messages & Results

Alliance messages will appear at the top of the party's turn, in the Events Between Turns section. Personal messages appear at the bottom of the turn, ..
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Moderation - Philosophy Liaison

If a Philosophy Goal is chosen the Alliance will be informed of its primary Organisation Liaison, this will be the liaison that the Alliance generally ..
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Moderation - Plot Hooks

New parties have the option of specifying a reason why the party formed and started adventuring. Based upon the player's selection the party is given ..
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Moderation - Quick Overview Of Moderation Mechanics

Note: In an ideal world with a full time GM, this is how it is supposed to work. However, in practice, at the moment, you need to make up your own mod ..
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Moderation - Restrictions With Moderation Information

Moderation information is restricted to prevent players using any OOC circumstance from gaining a bonus IC. Upon first starting to play Quest: GME the ..
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Moderation - Restrictions With Moderation Information 2

A test is made to see if the Mystics have any idea that the information is incorrect. The test was failed, so in this example the Mystics believe the ..
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Moderation - Summary

Without moderation, parties and Alliances are unable to truly affect the game world. Moderation brings depth and possibility to the Quest worlds. The ..
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Moderation - Turn Time

The real-life time is approximately how long has passed in the game world, so a 10-day game week equals 10 days. Due to the open-ended nature of the ..
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Moderation - What Moderation Means To A Party

Moderation is predominately based around Alliances, so unless a party joins, or forms an Alliance, then they will be restricted to taking part in the ..
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Moderation - Who Knows What Moderation Information?

This is an important question to keep in mind at all times. No NPC magically knows what a party knows just because the party knows it; Global Plot in ..
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Moderation Advice

It is not the intention of this section of the rules to lecture a player about politics, nor to overwhelm anyone with a plethora of facts. The problem ..
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Moderation Advice - Speculate To Accumulate

Whilst it is possible to achieve Rank 2 without needing to know much about the Organisation the Alliance is working for, it should become apparent tha ..
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Moderation Advice - Using Special Actions

This applies mainly to Rank 3 but also Ranks 1 & 2 to a lesser degree. At any rank an Alliance that just fulfils the basic requirements is doing j ..
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Moderation And Anti-annihilation Routine

The anti-annihilation routine was added to 2nd Age to prevent fights between two parties where one would have been overwhelmed. If a fight occurs and ..
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Moderation Skills 1

All parties have the following moderation skills automatically at a base level, which are hidden stats. Moderation Skill purchases require a Special ..
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Moderation Skills 2

MASS HEAL This skill allows a party member to alleviate suffering at a settlement that is in poor health and hasten the recovery of the injured. Unli ..
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