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Alliance Faqs - How Can We Go About Completing An Investigation Special Quest?

The answer very much depends on the circumstance but here is an example: Investigate a settlement official that is in a different settlement to the Alliance's HQ. The Alliance could investigate this in numerous ways:

Contact an Organisation official in their settlement to do it for them. A potential downside is that the Organisation official may make 'loud' enquiries. Keep in mind that if it you ask the same Officials that asked the Alliance, then obviously they wouldn't have asked you if they could find it out easily themselves.

Go to the settlement and use a Special Action to investigate the official by speaking to XXXX. XXXX could be a member of the same Organisation, it could be general enquiries at the pubs, or another Organisation (Temple, B&M Guild, etc.) Depending on who is asked and where the enquiries are made there can be a wide range of results.

Use a power that allows an Alliance to spy on someone. Varying powers can accomplish this.

Speak to the Organisation official in question - not very subtle but could get fast results!

All of these have a chance of succeeding and failing, the chances of which depends on the circumstance. It is up to the Alliance to decide how they want to approach investigation Quests. This is not a definitive list, so an Alliance should not feel restricted to this list. This example can be changed to a place instead of an official, or a situation. The amount of parties that help with the investigation plays an important part as well. For most Special Quests it is recommended that about 5 parties be sent. Sending more can help improve the chances of success, but could also attract unwanted attention.



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