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Alliance Faqs - Can We Issue A Special Action, For Example, To Carry Out A Sermon To Fleyshur In The Settlement And Just State That Two Other Parties Will Move Around The Crowd And Try To Incite Them To Violence Or That Whilst The Sermon Is

It is best to word the SA to be clear, for example: 'Parties (xxxx xxxy xxxz) will carry out a sermon to Fleyshur to inspire the citizens to riot against the corrupt and weak settlement rulers.' It is clear in this example that the sermon is aimed towards causing violence. As the rules are designed to keep things simple it is strongly recommended that the details of how a party(s) goes about carrying out an action are not included; the GM determines how the action turns out based on numerous pieces of information, information that for the most part players never have since it is not needed to play the game.

If a SA is not short it is likely because the SA is not simple and clear, this can result in the GM being given a different idea of what the player is aiming to achieve and thus could cause problems for the party(s) involved. If any player request for moderation is not short and clear the GM will likely query the action with the player with details as to the problem to try and prevent the party(s) and thus player(s) from making mistakes



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